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1-(833) PSIPHER

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Your Health Full Circle

The Mission


  • When making changes, the  vast majority only focus on what they see. However,  there are other factors that play a major role in creating a positive atmosphere for change to occur.  In order to have great physical health, it is equally important to address mental and spiritual areas of our lives.  At Psipher Wellness we focus on all areas of your life in order to yield the results you desire to see and feel.  By joining the circle you will experience a complete 360 health evaluation and health program that works to get and keep you healthy! It's not generic, nor redundant, but it's individually tailored for you and only you. The greatest part of this program is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   Join the Circle TODAY!!!

The Temple


Our specialized approach to building the perfect physique is Not a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" approach. We understand that what works for one individual  is more than likely not going to work for the next. We offer evaluation, training, accountability, nutrition, and state of the art fitness tracking software; that is GUARANTEED to yield optimal results in every member.

Absolutely, Positively, Impossible to Fail


Have you ever felt apprehensive due to the unknown? We all have! But, with Psipher Wellness there is no need to worry. We secure and back our program with a 100% GUARANTEE. 

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